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Any Water Pipe can be used as the Oil Rig depending on the customization of the glass. Mostly, Water pipes are bigger in size and are used to smoke dry herb or flowers. The larger size of the glass is preferable for smoking dry herbs so that smoke can travel long distance with best filtration and cooling system giving you the best flavor possible.

Water pipe is the oldest and traditional way of smoking which uses an old water filtration technique to cool down and filter the smoke so that smoker can enjoy the best experience. Water Pipes can be customized according to the need and style of smoking. Bowl pieces are used for bongs/ Water Pipes; they are available in bigger sizes to smoke more quantity at once. We have the pieces for ash catching as well. All the pieces are available in Male or Female parts and can be attached according to their counterparts.
We offer a huge line of Bongs available in different sizes, best quality and at very reasonable prices.

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